Text Tours



    In this section you will learn more about the offered by Heinopuu.
    Tied to our consulting activities are our architectural guide and tour management activities.
    Heinopuu has organized and managed architectural tours in Finland as well as all over the globe.
    Our knowledge of the wood building sector enables us to offer tailor-made tour with high added information value.
    You will visit sites and meet the stakeholders involved in it's construction.
    Visits and/or meetings will be set up with any stakeholder that might be of interest to you, be it the engineer, the architect or the timber firm.

    Examples of realized study tours:

    In Finland:
    - The total value-chain from forest to ready-made buildings
    - Wooden architecture and design
    - The Finnish furniture design
    - Alvar Aalto -architecture
    - The historical wooden buildings
    - etc.
    Elsewhere In Europe:
    - Schools and large-span structures in France
    - Multistorey wood-frame construction in Nothern America
    - Modern wooden bridges of Norway
    - High-tech design to production processes and built examples in Switzerland and Austria
    - CLT-production and buildings in Austria and Germany
    - The Swedish multistorey wood-frame construction development
    - Platform-frame construction in Scotland
    - High-tech engineered solutins and multi-storey buildings in England
    - etc.

    Elsewhere In Northern America: