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This website caters to those interested in use of wood in building and construction.

Our pages present the dual activities of Heinopuu consulting: namely consulting services on Wood in building and construction and Architectural guide and tour management.

Heinopuu aims to become a one-stop-shop for everyone in need of knowledge about the Wood in building and construction industry, in Europe as well as globally.

you have come to the right place!

Whether you are looking for contacts or Information about the wood industry, the building industry ( ie: timber fabricators), architects, designers, building engineers, researchers, developers, or authorities having jurisdiction over regulations.

Tied to our consulting activities are our architectural guide and tour management activities.

Heinopuu has organized and managed architectural tours in Finland as well as all over the globe.

Our knowledge of the wood building sector enables us to offer tailor-made tour with high added information value. You will visit sites and meet the stakeholders involved in their construction.

Visits and/or meetings will be set up with any stakeholder that might be of interest to you, be it the engineer, the architect or the timber firm that were involved int he project

Take a look at our blog that overlaps both our activities, and present our thoughts and recent activities as well as relevant up-to-date news from our areas of interest.

Heinopuu's focuses are not geographically bound, they lie both locally ( Finland ) and globally, focusing in the areas that are at the forefront of the use of wood in building, The “hotspots” in wood building and construction today namely:
in Sweden (Växjö, Stockholm, Skellefteå), in the Alps (Vorarlberg, Switzerland, Bayern), in the UK (England), in Norway (west coast), in North-America in the Pacific Northwest.
Enjoy your visit.